The New Territory Arts Association is honored to become the principal and fiduciary sponsor for the 2015 Gene Harris’ Coming Home Coming Together Concert. The NTAA has been working to develop and promote the Benton Harbor Arts District for almost two decades. Isn’t is quite astonishing to realize that our organization and the Coming Home Coming Together Concert were born at almost the same time?

Creating a strong spirit of community through creative and artistic programming form the foundation of the NTAA’s mission and this annual concert exemplifies both of these goals. We could not be more pleased about our new role and this partnership.


The concert is free and open to the public!

If you’d like to support the concert by reserving a table, follow the link located top and right!

When: June 28, 2015 at 6.15 pm

Where: Dwight P. Mitchell Park (City Center), Benton Harbor, Michigan

Why: Bringing People together from All Walks of

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We’re not talking about the 1973 jazz-rock classic by Frank Zappa. We’re talking about the magical appearance of “Bottled and Broken”, a glass and iron sculpture now gracing the point of Art’s Park.

Shawn Watt, recipient of the  2007 Tackett Family Young Artist Award, describes the work as a  “bottling of emotions  and the feelings of brokeness that follow”.  Jerry Catania, who provided guidance for Shawn in its construction, sees the iron as a representation of Mother Earth and the glass component as a ‘tear catcher’ – a small glass bottle used by ancient Egyptians during funerals to catch tears and put them in the tomb.

Whatever the origin or intent, we are most happy to welcome “Bottled and Broken” to our Arts District.  Thank-you Shawn!