The New Territory Arts Association (NTAA) is rolling out a new logo this spring to reflect the many changes that are occurring in the Benton Harbor Arts District. “Over the past 20 years the Arts District has been transforming downtown Benton Harbor and we wanted our logo to express what’s happening here,” said NTAA President Ken Ankli.

Ankli said the new design uses multiple colors to show the energy and diversity of talent in the arts district. He explained the dominant triangle is symbolic in two ways. The shape mirrors the neighborhood’s two green spaces, Thayer Park and Art’s Park. These areas were once wastelands that residents and businesses transformed into landscaped venues for the district’s outdoor events and public enjoyment. “The triangle is also the upper case Greek letter, Delta, which depicts change,” said Ankli. “Positive changes take place every day here.”

2016 NTAA logo-BLACK 2016 NTAA logo-black-teal 2016 NTAA logo-black-olive 2016 NTAA logo-black-merlot 2016 NTAA logo-black-iris 2016 NTAA logo-black-gold