On the first Monday of every month local musicians, poets and storytellers will be invited to step up to the mic on the New Territory Arts Association’s new OPEN STAGE at The Livery. 

This monthly event will take place on the first Monday of every month.  Drawing from a rotation of talented special hosts, including Venitia Sekema, Mike Koch, Charlene Jones and Paul Mow, OPEN STAGE will provide rich and varied content.  The NTAA hopes it will provide a special setting for local artists to draw inspiration from each other and share their talents with an appreciative audience.  

“When the Livery’s weekly “Open Mic” held its farewell concert last year, we realized that there was an opportunity for the New Territory Arts Association to step in to support the community of local performers who had found their voice on the Livery’s Open Mic Stage,” says Ken Ankli, President of the NTAA.    “We’re proud to continue our support of these talented artists with OPEN STAGE.  It’s a great example of our overall mission to create a vital Benton Harbor Arts District through outreach and advocacy of the arts.”

Re-opening on Mondays after a winter hiatus, The Livery’s professional sound and lighting systems and its history of bringing some of the best live music to the region will make OPEN STAGE one the best free live performance events in the area. 

The Livery is located at 190 5th Street, Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Musicians seeking more information should email the New Territory Arts Association at