"The Spirit of Liberty" by Josh Andres

Community Outreach

Part of our mission consists of bringing public art into the Arts District. We believe its a fundamental process to change the way people think, challenge the norms, and provide tangible change to our landscape and community.

In 2008, we commissioned our first public art installation by area metal sculptor, Josh Andres.  This time capsule and memorial called “The Spirit of Liberty” stands a s a memorial to The Liberty Theatre and  the everlasting spirit of Benton Harbor’s citizens.

The sculpture design and creation was a joint effort by the Benton Harbor Boys and Girls Club Teen Center, Josh Andres and Thomas Henderson. This project was developed and coordinated by the New Territory Arts Association, funded by a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, Connect Up! Program and a generous donation by Whirlpool Corporation.

It reminds us to remember past glories as hope for the future. It was dedicated to Ms. Mary Louise Ray, for understanding the importance of Benton Harbor’s historical heritage and saving the terra cotta pieces from The Liberty Theatre that are now preserved in this sculpture.

The idea that Art Builds Communities comes alive in every program, event or public installation we organize. For more information about our past initiatives, please click here.