Play a part. Lend a hand.

NTAA is a 100% volunteer-based organization. We run on time borrowed from individuals that believe change is possible and understand a little help goes a long way. Whether you would like to help shape our marketing efforts, outreach and cooperation with other art groups or just help out around the office, we would love to have you.

We are open to any volunteer opportunity you would like to pursue, but if you need a push, below are some areas that volunteers assistance is a great benefit.


The details of each and every one of NTAA’s major events are determined in committee meetings. These committees help form the film line-ups, musical performers, and plan the logistics of operating public events. We also have a marketing committee that helps determine how we spread the word about our mission. If you have a favorite NTAA event or a special skill that is applicable to a certain event, make yourself known and consider sharing your time and talents to further our mission. If you are interested, email us here.

Administrative Support

As with most projects, the devil is in the details. Administrative tasks such as distributing event materials, assisting in coordinated mailings, and organizing vendors requires time. We also regularly seek help in setting up, breaking down and cleaning up event sites. If you enjoy our work and want to help us grow, please consider sharing your time with us. Sweat equity is just as important as monetary donations. Let’s get to work! If you are interested, email us here.

If you would like more details about the events we are hosting, please click here.